We like to think our teaching resources are a little bit different... Resources with a twist, so to speak. If you're a creative teacher who treasures character and wants to do everything in their power to ensure their students aren't just passing through on an exam conveyorbelt, you've found like-minds. Howdy.

Our resources have been used by schools all over the UK and US, as well as other countries including Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and we hope you find something here that resonates. If you want to get more than one of these resources, take a look at our Special Offers page as we often have better deals if you want to buy a few resources at once. Not everything is for sale, though - there are plenty of free resources below... Have a browse.

The Outstanding Teaching Pack

Our most popular resource for schools. A special offer for those with a sparky ethos - excellent value.

Gimme Five

A Pick & Mix offer for those who like what we stand for.

Fresh Start

Designed to tie-in with our Message That Matter resource, Fresh Start is a brand-new resource to help you hit the new school year running...

Messages That Matter

Posters with power. Twenty posters to reflect your school ethos.

Game Show Math(s)

Investigative maths with a game show twist! Nice to teach you...

The M Files

What better way to prepare for answering maths questions than to look at them from the point of view of the evil geniuses who write them?

The SATs Pack

An alternative approach to SATs success. Very popular at the moment.

SATs: a sparky approach

If we *HAVE* to do them, we'll do them with a twist. SATs resources, the sparky way. Plus a FREE video for your Y6s.

365 Things To Make You Go "Hmmm..."

We post a big question/puzzle/brainteaser every day to get your students thinking.

Personalised Cards Offer

Personalise any of our revision cards, e-safety cards or motivational cards.

Plug-In - growth mindset cards

For a growth mindset to be effective in the lives of your students, it has to be embedded. Our popular tips cards will help that.

VIP Reward Cards

Reward who your students are as well as what they've done.

Mathematips Cards

Maths tips, Sparky style!

Scientips Cards

Science tips, Sparky style!

e-Sense Travelcards

e-Safety tips with a twist. Great for whole-school e-Safety sessions and to pass on messages to parents.

The Way of the Revision Ninja

Revision tips with a twist (and a built-in stress-buster!)

Sparky TV

All our videos in one handy place.

Fail Safe

A resource for your mould-breaking, mistake-making class.

The League of Literacy

The League keep the streets safe from crimes to the English language. Spelling, punctuation and grammar with a twist.

The Alliance for Science




Twitter for Teachers

Whether you are new to Twitter, want to persuade colleagues of its merits or just want to get the most from it, this resource (which includes a downloadable PDF you can share with staff) will be incredible useful. Via the medium of Skittles!

Fly Right!


We Have A Problem!

Our set of four maths books (Y3-6) dealing with word problems. Doodles, Mexican waves, blobs and Kung fu (amongst other things) all feature to help inspire your pupils about an area of Maths that can often be less than inspirational.


How can we motivate reluctant readers? These printable posters provide something different for your school library. Oi, you... Don't shut it!

Caution! Minds at work

Health and Safety posters with a twist (available in Welsh and Portuguese too!) This is a FREE resource.

Fly with CPD!

Professional Development meets airline safety posters. Print them out and stick them up in your staff-room to get your colleagues thinking. This is a FREE resource.

Real Life Maths

A collection of interesting videos, links and images we've found that would lend themselves to some interesting maths investigations. This is a FREE resource.

You're Inspired!

What happens when you combine the ridiculous statements competitors on 'The Apprentice' make with an English lesson? Lord Sugar's search for a decent metaphor has just begun... This is a FREE resource.

The 5 Minute Oops-Based Lesson Plan

Who wants a quick way to plan lessons that incorporates the idea of hooking students into the lesson? This resource is a mash-up between @TeacherToolkit's 5 Minute Lesson Plan and Hywel Roberts' 'Oops'. This is a FREE resource.

Think of a Question

"The important thing is not to stop questioning" So it's important that we give students plenty of opportunities to practise asking questions just for the sake of asking questions. This is a FREE resource.

Questions About Questions

A presentation to get you, your colleagues or your class thinking about how you use questioning in the classroom. This is a FREE resource.

The Mind Map

Our Mind Map is your chance to plant your flag as a class and share your blog with the world. This is a FREE resource.

Ten-Word Stories

Can your students condense a story right down to its essentials? Try our Ten-Word Story challenge! This is a FREE resource.

Yesterday's News

What would happen if bullying was yesterday's news in your school? An anti-bullying resource with a twist. This is a FREE resource.

12 Days Of Christmas - Maths Investigation

The longest Christmas song ever or an excellent way to tap into investigative maths, introduce Pascal's triangle and spot some interesting number patterns? You decide! This is a FREE resource.