The Ultimate Guide to Multi-Step Maths Problems

Mastering Multi-Step Maths Problems

Word Problems Made Easy is our new PDF eBook offering a unique look at how to master multi-step maths problems, written in our usual sparky style. Included in the pack are:

    - a 33-page PDF eBook containing teaching considerations, lesson activities and ideas
    - downloadable whiteboard presentations
    - printable images for display purposes

Word Problems Made Easy will :

    - deepen your students' understanding of word-based problems
    - develop a growth mindset in maths
    - place the focus firmly on the skills behind solving word problems, rather than a rush to find the answer
    - address some of the common misconceptions surrounding word problems (both from a teacher's and student's point of view)
    - provide ideas for teaching the order of operations and pulling out this from a word-based problem
    - teach students the ambiguity of key words and emphasise the need to understand what a problem is asking

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