Mathematips cards

A NEW revision aid for sparky schools.

Our Mathematips revision cards have proved so popular, we are now branching out into two new resources. These are Mathematips revision leaflets (one per student) and the personalised Mathematips wall! At the moment, we have just produced one version of the revision leaflets, but are willing to develop a GCSE version, should the interest be there.

We have limited stock, so GET IN QUICK!.

2. The SATs Leaflet
Pack size (Y6 SATs)

The Mathematips Revision Leaflet is an A4 roll-fold leaflet (one per student) to spark up your maths revision. These are a design/typographical look at key maths concepts and themes. PLEASE NOTE: Although the leaflets have been designed with Y6 in mind, they do not feature the word SATs or Y6, so they can be used for any age-group and in any country. See below for the list of concepts covered.

For your information, the full-colour revision leaflet refers to the following concepts:

    - square and triangular numbers
    - parallel and perpendicular lines
    - interior angles of a triangle
    - dividing by 10 find any percentage
    - clockwise / anti-clockwise
    - order of operations
    - radius, circumference, diameter
    - the co-ordinate plane quadrants (and co-ordinates)
    - multiplying fractions
    - dividing fractions by whole numbers
    - the link between algebra and a simple 'missing number' question
    - straight-line angles
    - more than, less than, equal to symbols
    - doubling method to x2, x4 and x8
    - formula for area of a rectangle
    - formula for area of a triangle
    - formula for area of a parallelogram
    - factors and multiples
    - prime numbers and their arrays
    - shifting digits to multiply / divide by 10, 100, 1000 etc.
    - mode, median, mean and range

As well as the leaflets, we also provide a short PDF where we briefly explain what we were thinking with each image.

3. The Wall

Our Mathematips wall is an exciting new design service we provide that is personal to your school, with the price dependent on the size of wall you want covered and the style of covering you require. Typically, we provide the design ready-printed on wallpaper that you can then apply yourself. If you are interested in finding out more, do contact us and we'll send you more details.

More about the concept...

Our aim with Mathematips is to make the revision tips as visual as possible. The facts - with a design / typographical twist as an aide-memoire wherever possible. Here's what we mean... On the left is the sort of fact you might get in a text-based revision fact sheet. On the right is our 'take'...

Mathematips example

To explain the concept to your students, we included a poem on the leaflet!

Mathematips concept

'Mathematips' leaflets and 'The Wall' are copyright Sparky Teaching 2018, from an original concept copyright Sparky Teaching 2014