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Want to motivate your class with something original?

The M Files is a PDF eBook offering a unique look at maths problems. It's a fresh way of dealing with some of the needless mistakes pupils make with maths problems. Suitable for Upper Primary / Elementary pupils up to KS3, 'The M Files' is a guide to some of the different types of maths problems they will encounter (from the point of view of the people who wrote them!) Don't let your class be caught out by the cunning question writers at the Ministry of Maths.

At Sparky Teaching, we like doing things differently and this resource is no exception. We've imagined that the Ministry of Maths are out to trick your pupils with their wording of maths problems and false advice. 'The M Files' contains leaked documents from the question writers themselves, showing how they intend to confuse your pupils (for example by asking a question where the information is in kg and then wanting the answer in grams!) Hopefully, if your pupils are wise to the Ministry of Maths' ruses, they'll make less mistakes. It's an imaginative solution to a subject area that pupils often find difficult.

To supplement the resource (and add some realism to the concept) we've set up a Ministry of Maths website and given them their own nefarious Twitter feed, which we'd recommend you look at, even if you're not on Twitter. Included in the pack are:

    - a 31-page PDF eBook containing lesson activities, 6 printable posters and worksheets
    - two MPG videos for use on your whiteboard
    - Ministry of Maths logos to help make your own worksheets
    - a full copy of 'Sites for sore eyes' (our internet inspiration resource)

Topics covered are :

    - reading and labelling number lines and scales
    - ordering amounts (including decimals)
    - finding missing numbers
    - finding fractions and percentages of amounts
    - using letters to represent numbers (basic algebra)
    - and a variety of strategies for answering maths problems (e.g. using what you already know, explaining your answers)

Like what you see?

The M Files costs £10.60. You can download the zip file which contains the eBook and videos by clicking the button below which will send you to a secure PayPal checkout. Once payment has been accepted, click the link that tells to go back to Sparky Teaching (this bit's important!). You will be redirected to a page where you will be able to download the resource. It's a fairly large zip file (124MB), so you'll have to be patient as it downloads! We will also send you an e-mail containing a link to the download page. Remember to keep a copy of your receipt if you intend claiming the cost of your purchase from your school budget.

Would you rather we invoiced your school?

If you would prefer to pay by cheque via an invoice, click here and we'll sort one out. We'll email the links so you can download the resources straight away.

Looking for a special offer?

If you're a sparky-minded school and you want to place a bulk order, you might be better off getting The "Everything" Pack which includes The M Files (and the rest of our downloads) and is a ridiculously good offer! We can invoice your school directly.

The M Files is an electronic resource. If you're a publisher and might be interested in seeing it in print, do get in touch.
The M Files is copyright Sparky Teaching 2012.