How many gifts will your true love end up with?

How many legs are mentioned in the song?

What's it all about anyway?

Whatever the question, 'The 12 Days of Christmas' is a fascinating song to investigate. So much so, that we've prepared a downloadable PDF for you to use with your class. We particularly recommend the 'How many gifts?' question which has possibly the best answer to a maths investigation ever! We've also made a simple presentation of the song (no sound, sorry!), which you can use to start their investigations off with.

Watch below or download as a zip file (1.7MB). Also download the accompanying PDF worksheets (1.4MB)



If you want some inspiration for a Christmas English lesson, here's our seasonal creative writing challenge - 'Evoking Christmas'

Our 12 Days of Christmas / Pascal's triangle blog post

Our downloadable completed Pascal's triangle

There are some great investigation ideas in this nicely-designed PDF.

And if you were thinking of paying out on those gifts think again!

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