Fail Safe
Fail Safe

With a unique retro-gaming style, 'Fail Safe' is a series of printable posters, award cards and activity ideas aimed at helping you to nurture a culture of learning through mistakes in your classroom. The fear of failure is something that will often stop students from attempting an answer in case they are wrong. Interestingly, though, they've never stopped playing a computer game in case they ran out of lives. We've tried to tap into their inherent understanding of what it means to learn from mistakes and improve things with this resource. To find out more about our thinking behind Fail Safe, you might like to read this blog post (which also features in the PDF): How to develop a fail safe classroom.

Amongst other things, 'Fail Safe' will show your students:

    - your classroom / school is a place where mistakes are OK
    - progress comes from learning from those mistakes
    - the need to take risks if they want to get to the next level
    - the value of resilience, determination and independence

It's a resource for anyone who wants to take some of the stigma out of "getting things wrong" and cultivate a classroom environment where learning through failure is valued. 'Fail Safe' is a 27-page PDF ebook and Powerpoint presentation. The PDF contains:

    - unique posters with a retro-gaming feel
    - activity ideas to help see mistakes for what they are (stepping stones to success)
    - reward cards to recognise resilience, progress, determination and independence
    - a simple four step approach (START-FAIL-EVALUATE-CHANGE) to learning from mistakes

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Fail Safe is an electronic resource. If you're a publisher and might be interested in seeing it in print, do get in touch.
'Fail Safe' is copyright Sparky Teaching 2012 from an original idea by Mrs Sparky