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Jan 16, 2013

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The eight posters below came as a result of a collaboration on the theme of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) — or PD as it’s known in the US — between ourselves and one of our Twitter followers, @paulyb37. Initially, he came up with the first poster idea (“In the event of a sudden drop in pupil progress, please address your own learning before helping children with theirs”) and then we took his theme and went a bit overboard.

The idea is that, through a bit of humour, these posters can be used to advertise the fact(s) that:

  • we need to attend to our own learning when addressing pupil progress,
  • professional development is a cup of coffee with an inspiring teacher or a good book as much as it is an INSET course,
  • good teachers are always learning,
  • scepticism, jargon and negativity can take a running jump – developing as teachers keeps us on our toes and is actually quite rewarding.
  • So, enjoy the posters – please share any pics if you put them up – we love to see things being used. And make sure you follow and send your Twitter-based thanks to @paulyb37 who started this particular airline-based ball rolling.

    Download the UK version (Fly with CPD) here by right-clicking here.
    Download the US version (Fly with PD) here by right-clicking here
    PS. Our new resource for teaching what really matters is out now…

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    So, what do you think?

    1. Thanks for these — they are fun, relevant and inspirational!

      Stephen Lockyer
      1:54 pm on January 23rd, 2013

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