Ten-word stories

Take a look at these extremely short stories based on our ten-word story challenge.

Send in your ten word story to contact@sparkyteaching.com.

The show was fabulous; the leading lady would be his... forever!

Mr Leonard

If this machine works, this sentence will end abrubt...


Finds key. Open secret door. Unknown world. Suffer the consequences.


Lottery millionare has firework party but accidently burns his ticket.

Charlotte G.

Magical land, friendly fawn and evil witch... through the wardrobe.

Adam M.

Come on America's waiting! Hold on I'm scared of you!


Little boy sells cow for magic beans. Kills Giant.

Year 1, St Just Primary

My dad went hunting. Shot deer. Shot his foot. Owwwww!

Dylay Fletcher

I'm Alex Rider. I saved the world.

Mr Dr

Small boy vs. giant monster! SPLAT!!! Ouch!! Bye bye boy!


David Perkins shot into the goal. Stockport County had won!

Stockport Are My Life

My mum said kids drive her mental in the morning!


"Make tea tonight." Oh dear... I can't cook lettuce sandwiches!


An earthquake hit Haiti. A tragic disaster. Many people died.

Miss D.

We snored. We were bored. They scored. We roared.

Alasdair G.

A small boy, lightning scar, unusual school... Lots of magic!

Charlotte S.

We're going to scare some people tonight. Mwuhaha! Roar!

Lachlan F.

Jack climbs up the very high beanstalk. Giant comes... ARRGGG!!


"I don't like spies." he said, killing Agent X.


Gets up, saves world and goes back to bed.

MB and BA

The adventures STAR WARS! Oh... I've run out of words...


I'm the wolf and my bottom went on fire.


Cannibal ate little Red. "Little girls taste good!" he bellowed.


Another Sports Day with mean gym teacher. Banana guy arrives!

Anna M.

Cow swapped for seeds, plant grows, giant-killer Jack, rewards.


Stupid time traveller sees himself engulfed in blood yesterday.

Felix Diamond

Ferrari driver drifts round the corner and wins the trophy.


Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Elements, Magic exists.


Yeeaah Bingo! Finally. Darn it, wrong number!


KABOOM!! I'll never press that button again. What's that?! KABOOM!!

Essy 11

Poor boy finds ticket and goes to factory. The End!

MB and BA

Boom!!! She turned into Wonder Woman and saved the world.

The Ompulumpas

Billy plays football, "Hold on I prefer ballet."


With long hair you can escape the castle.


My name's Aggy. I'm a detective. I kill people sometimes.

Mrs Jordan

A cottage in the woods. A mysterious death.

Liam L.

Huff! Puff! House down. Strong house standing.


Bella. Vampire baby. Edward. Married.

Meg J.

Tom walked in. "The game is on," he whispered.

Fraser S.

A factory, a boy and a golden ticket. What next?

Carlie C.

He's big, he's friendly, he's a giant. It's the B.F.G!

Rachel M.

A basement... but is Dad human?

Alice G.

Agent Black gets drunk and Loopy slays him.


The key couldn't be turned, unless you're a fairy. Kaboom!!


Little kids eat candy house... Oh no it's the witch!


I wrote a line of tripe, then put THE END.


My gingerbread ran out of the oven and into fox's mouth.

Amelia and Jamelia

World War III. Nuclear missiles launched globally. Bombs explode. Annihilation.

Mr Scott

A ghost lives in the woods. And it's still here today.


"Mmm rabbit stew. Come on Fluffy, into the pot..."


Three children; one horrible uncle; a forced marriage...

Eilidh M.

Deep in the dark woods, mystery bear kills father...

Bailey F.

Comets, sun, moon, planets, black holes, interesting journey...

Rachael M.

My jedi story. Pick up a lightsabre. Oh I'm dead.


Tried on my girlfriend's engagement ring and now it's stuck!


The game began. An eye popped out. Game over.

Chris Molnar

Kid does chores. Comes out bad.


Woodlouse in polkadots pants.


Jack fell down the hill and Jill came tumbling after.


Mouse meets three animals then meets Gruffalo.


A girl, rat, dodo and dragon... on an adventure.

Kayleigh M.

Jump, crash, bang, sirens' "ne na". Engines roaring. Pain flaring.

Daniel H.

Wally, Woof, Wanda... who will you find next?

Keith K.

Twin sisters... but one has fangs!

Lucy M.

He's big, he's bad and he's the...

Robbie T.

Willy Wonka opens chocolate factory. Golden ticket wins all.

Kevin M.

Gran drinks unusual medicine ...and grows bigger and bigger.

Chris P.

Wolf tried to blow down house of bricks - bad luck!

Year 1, St Just Primary

Girl in red cloak visits gran with big teeth.

Fraser M.



Pink sky, green grass, blue sea, you see...

Fraser RT

A heart... a boy... and a pig.

Katie M.

Wolf eats granny. Man with axe kills wolf.


Henry was locked in a castle, but Jago rescued him.


The story is magic... Guess what? ... THE END!


One cow. Two cows. Three cows. Four cows... ARGH!! LION!!


Aliens invade, humans die.


Three kids kill ogre - save the world before tea!


Little Red's nan got eaten and never seen again (nooooo!!)


Hello my name is... OH MAN... I'VE RAN OUT OF WORDS!


Pig had house. Wolf blows down.


A butterfly flew high into the sky, high, high, high.

Amelia and Jamelia