A new motivational resource to help you educate the whole child.

Are your students more than the sum of their test scores?

Are you looking to make your classroom somewhere special?

Are you the sort of person who views creativity as an essential skill, not just an added extra?

Well this could be just what you are looking for. Shine! is an illustrated resource aimed at any teacher or parent who is brave enough to care more about the people their children become than their scores on standardised tests. It will help you to:

    - redress your pupils' test/life balance!
    - discuss, identify and celebrate your students' sparks
    - promote individuality
    - encourage creativity
    - value a broad range of skills

It's a resource for anyone who wants to see young people thrive - for anyone who thinks education is about making a life, not just making a living. We've come to realise that being a truly sparky teacher is more about looking for and nurturing the spark in young people than in ourselves. Recognising and encouraging the things that drive your pupils is essential to communicating with them. You can read more about our inspiration for 'Shine!' in our blog post, 'The Lost Art of Nurturing Sparks'.

'Shine!' is a 26-page PDF eBook. The resource preceded our Messages That Matter which is why there is some overlap between the two. 'Shine!' includes the following:

    - nine unique illustrated posters
    - four reward cards
    - activity sheet
    - teachers' notes

Like what you see?

'Shine!' costs £7.99. You can download the zip file which contains 'Shine!' by clicking the button below which will send you to a secure PayPal checkout. Once payment for the £8.99 has been accepted, click the link that tells to go 'back to Sparky Teaching' (this bit's important!). You will be redirected to a page where you will be able to download the resource. We will also send you an e-mail containing a link to the download page. Remember to keep a copy of your receipt if you intend claiming the cost of your purchase from your school budget.

Would you rather we invoiced your school?

If you would prefer to pay by cheque via an invoice, click here and we'll sort one out. We'll email the links so you can download the resources straight away.

Looking for a special offer?

If you're a sparky-minded school and you want to place a bulk order, you might be better off getting The "Everything" Pack which includes SHINE! (and the rest of our downloads) and is a ridiculously good offer! We can invoice your school directly.

SHINE! is an electronic resource. If you're a publisher and might be interested in seeing it in print, do get in touch.
'SHINE!' is copyright Sparky Teaching 2012.