The Way Of The Revision Ninja

** Several schools have ordered these for entire cohorts. Get in quick while stocks last! **

How can you be confident that the messages you give your students in school are remembered when they're at home and it's revision time? 'The Way Of The Revision Ninja' is a light-hearted way of ensuring that not every hint or tip you pass on is forgotten. The idea is that a tongue-in-cheek business card with a twist might help to embed revision techniques.

These aren't just a one-off list of tips that you might want to send home with your students and hope they remember the messages... The cards contain tips including encouragements to vary revision technique, make a revision plan and display it in a place where the rest of the family can see, sort out an appropriate working area and take the extreme step of turning off the wi-fi for an hour or so! There were more tips we wanted to include (space is an issue on a business card!), so along with your batch of cards, we'll also send you a download link for a couple of classroom posters you can print out and use to reinforce the 'Ways' as well as a presentation for your whiteboard. Hopefully, the combination of the classroom resources and the personal cards will provide clear messages about revision technique.

As well as for personal use, we can imagine schools using them with particular year groups as an encouragement with exams approaching. If you are buying a large batch for your school, remember to take a copy of your PayPal receipt to claim the costs from your budget.

Printed on 400gsm silk coated card, the cards are 54x85mm. Each card has the same tips on - here's the design (colours may vary):

Getting things printed is a new(ish) venture for us and we've sourced a printer who provides excellent quality. We want your students to get one of these and value it. The prices are as follows:

    - Batch of 50 cards = £16.50
    - Batch of 100 cards = £28.00
    - Batch of 500 cards = £75.00
    - Batch of 1000 cards = £118.00

Postage and packaging is included in the price. If you want alternative amounts, get in touch and we'll give you a quote.

After choosing the amount you'd like below, you will be taken to a secure Paypal page to complete your purchase. We will need your full address to post the cards on to you. Remember to keep a copy of your receipt if you intend claiming the cost of your purchase from your school budget.

Choose card amount (P+P included):

'The Way Of The Revision Ninja' is copyright Sparky Teaching 2014.