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The idea behind Plug-in is that, for a growth mindset to be effective in the lives of your students, it has to be embedded. It has to be clearly understood so students can train themselves to think differently about things like failure and challenges as they meet them in life. And so, we've designed these cards as portable hand-held growth mindset reminders! In addition, we'll send every customer a free PDF with all the tips in poster form so you can use them on the walls too.

These cards take the metaphor of an electronic device - with students "plugging in" to a different way of thinking. On the back are ten statements that students with a fixed mindset may make (crossed out) and ten alternative ways of thinking. Each is tied to a suitable icon to keep the electronic theme and help the concepts to stick...

The growth mindset tips featured include:

    - to view others' successes in the light of how students can learn from them
    - to recognise that success and growth takes effort
    - to take on new challenges
    - to understand the idea of ability being changeable rather than fixed
    - to think "I failed" rather than "I'm a failure" and consider how students can learn from the experience

As well as teachers buying a class pack for use individually, schools may wish to purchase larger packs to use with particular year groups or across your whole school in order to embed the growth mindset. If you are buying a batch for your school, remember to take a copy of your PayPal receipt to claim the costs from your budget.

Printed on 400gsm silk coated card, the cards are 54x85mm. Each card has the same tips on - here's the design:

We've sourced a printer who provides excellent quality. We want your students to get one of these and value it. Current prices are as follows:

    - Batch of 50 cards = £16.50
    - Batch of 100 cards = £28.00
    - Batch of 500 cards = £75.00
    - Batch of 1000 cards = £118.00

Postage and packaging is included in the price. If you want alternative amounts, get in touch and we'll give you a quote. We aim to get all orders dispatched within 5 working days.

After choosing the amount you'd like below, you will be taken to a secure Paypal page to complete your purchase. We will need your full address to post the cards on to you. Remember to keep a copy of your receipt if you intend claiming the cost of your purchase from your school budget.

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'PlugIn'cards are copyright Sparky Teaching 2014.