Here are some of the kind words customers and clients have said about us...

"I don't know how they do it but Sparky Teaching get into my heart and my head and produce wonderful resources from what they find there, saying what I want to but can't manage in ways I couldn't dream of."

Paul Bannister, Headteacher, Highbank Primary School
"I have been head of my current school for just over a year and have got some fabulous innovative teachers who are going to love your resources. We are always looking for new, 'sparky' ideas to make our school even better!"

Monica Middlehurst, Headteacher
""My son has been tutored by Sparky Teaching for the past two years. He is a creative and capable boy but struggled with Class 5 and 6 work and the incessant focus on KS2 SATs.
The team at Sparky Teaching recognise that children are individuals filled with potential who learn in different ways and at different paces. Through working with his tutor, he has grown in confidence, understanding and self-belief. He has had the space to make mistakes, ask questions, learn new things and move forward. Sessions are always imaginative and exciting. Sparky Teaching have taught him perseverance and resourcefulness in taking on new challenges - these are the skills that will unlock his future learning. He takes his next step to high school this September with a positive attitude to the challenges which lie ahead - thanks, in no small part, to the Sparky Team!"

Kara Johnson, parent of tutored student
"My favourite resources are 'Fail Safe' and 'The M Files'. 'Fail Safe' is brilliant for reminding pupils that no one gets things right the first time they try! A colleague and I had great fun with the Ministry of Maths last year - mysterious notes appeared in our classrooms, objects were moved out of place etc. The pupils were convinced a Ministry of Maths agent was spying on them so they became really determined not to fall for the Ministry's maths tricks. We're really looking forward to introducing a new class to the ministry's devious ways!"

Heather Marshall, Cairnshill Primary School, Belfast
"I cannot recommend Sparky Teaching enough, I will definitely be using them again for future illustration work. The attention to detail is superb and I am continually finding little extra bits of character in the pictures that Sparky Teaching has added. I could not have selected a better illustrator for our books!"

Diglot Books
"Handing the Revision Ninja cards this afternoon, I had a big smile hearing one student say 'This makes me want to revise'."

Amy Goldsmith
"Handing out first VIP Reward card today to boy with EBD issues. Was able to pounce on act of kindness and present the card. He was made up."

@louisehutch (via Twitter)

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