Sparky Lesson Starters - Maths

Fire up your students' mathemaginations!

Sparky Lesson Starters is our lively new set of resources aimed at providing you with...

    - hooks (interesting ways to lure students into maths lessons),
    - hacks (informal strategies that can be used to work out answers and show patterns),
    - teasers (thought-provoking puzzles)
    - and tricks (mathemagic, so to speak)

Sparky Lesson Starters - Maths

Sparky Lesson Starters is our attempt to bring together a selection of 'Aha!' moments to show your students the magic of maths. The resource has been written so that these are bite-sized chunks (perfect for lesson starters), but with opportunities to extend and develop concepts further (or use within the main body of a lesson).

Included in the pack are:

    - a 33-page PDF eBook containing teaching considerations, lesson starter activities and ideas
    - a whiteboard presentation containing 35 slides to accompany the resource and a further presentation containing solutions
    - short animated GIFs (or video clips) to demonstrate concepts and use as discussion starters

Sparky Lesson Starters - Maths

Sparky Lesson Starters will :

    - pique your students' mathematical curiosity and interest
    - provide you with interesting ways to tackle maths topics
    - provoke deeper thought and reasoning through carefully-planned extension questions
    - encourage students to consider the maths behind patterns and number 'tricks'
    - keep key concepts bubbling away

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