Our videos are also found on our YouTube Channel, and on Vimeo, but for your ease of use we've collected them together here. Where there's a download link, feel free to download for INSET, training and classroom purposes. We love to find out how they get used so get in touch! (Most unusual location so far was Headteacher training in Barbados!)

Stand By Your Class!

A little educational encouragement for weary times... Stay sparky.

10 Ways To Say Thank You

An encouragement to express gratitude - for Thanksgiving or any other day!

It Couldn't Be Done

A little video on perseverance based on the poem 'It Couldn't Be Done' by Edgar Albert Guest.
Download MP4

Failing Safe

For your mistake-making class. A video based on resilience and some thoughts we'd had about what a fail safe classroom might be like.
See the resource: Fail Safe; Read the blog: How To Develop A Fail Safe Classroom.

You're Important!

Instead of rewarding great work and the things students do, this video (and our Sparky Rewards) is aimed at celebrating who they are.
See the resource: Sparky Rewards.

It's Awe Or Nothing...

Our take on awe and wonder in the classroom...

Character Counts

For teachers who treasure character...
See the resources: The Magnificent Seven.

Open Up. Zone Out. Read On.

A persuasive resource for your reluctant readers.
See the resource: OPEN UP. ZONE OUT. READ ON.

Little Video, Big Messages...

Some big messages for your students. What have we missed?
Download MP4; Read the blog: Little Video Big Messages

Kipling's 'If' - For Teachers

If you can keep your head when all of 5R are losing theirs and blaming it on the wind...
Download MP4; Read the blog: "If" - For Teachers

Now That's What I Call 'Outstanding'

Is an 'outstanding' teacher just identified from a 20 minute lesson observation or is there more to it than that?
Download MP4; Read the blog: Now That's What I Call 'Outstanding'

We'll gradually add to these links, but for now here are some of the videos other people have made that we wish we had...

Our favourite TED talks: Rita Pierson - Every Kid Needs A Champion, Peter Benson - Sparks: How Youth Thrive

We like what Kid President stands for. Here's his Pep Talk and also you might this one For Teachers And Students. If you're not sure how inspirational this little guy is, watch The True Story Behind Kid President. This one could be useful for assembly: Twenty Things We Should Say More Often and here's an encouragement to keep going: A Tiny Poem To The World.

To encourage acts of kindness, here's Life Vest Inside's One Day. One of our favourites: Never underestimate your students' capacity to act selflessly.

To teach perseverance, you'll like this

As an anti-bullying resource, Shane Koyczan's spoken word piece To This Day is one of the most powerful we've come across - more suitable for older students.

Every day, do something out of the ordinary... Like this or, if you're clever enough, this!

The power of practice - how amazing is Danny MacAskill's Imaginate?

Useful for history teachers to develop empathy? No Man.

Some sparky music videos... If you run a school choir, the children of PS22 Choir will inspire you - here's their YouTube channel. Need to teach musical genres? CDNZA's An Abridged History Of Western Music In 16 Genres might be useful. Here's something to try in assembly! Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates The Power Of The Pentatonic Scale. Playing For Change videos are always worth watching with their songs around the world - here's Stand By Me.