Who asks most questions in your classroom?

Who should ask most questions?

Where's the best place to sit if you want to avoid being asked something?

The presentation below is intended as a training tool or class activity.

The aim is to get you thinking about how you use questions in your classroom through the answers that your class give. Answer yourself (be honest!), then get your class to answer. It's also sometimes helpful to get a colleague to observe how you move around the classroom, where you direct most questions, how long you give pupils to answer and so on. Finally, check out our further questions at the bottom of the page to inform your teaching.

Watch below or download as PDF version (741kb) or Flash presentation (529kb)



Are pupils asking enough questions in my class?

What could I do to encourage a bit of natural curiosity?

Is there a question that could hook them into this particular lesson?

How can I build thinking time into lessons more effectively?

How can I avoid the trap of just grabbing the first correct answer and moving on?

What questions could I use to elicit more from an answer?


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