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Our Personalised Cards offer is aimed at those teachers and schools who would like to put their own stamp on our cards, whether that be their school logo, colours or tweaks to the text. Due to printing overheads, we can only offer personalisation to schools who buy 1000 or more, so to entice you we've knocked off £20 from the usual £118 it costs to buy 1000 cards. If you are based overseas (from the UK!), do get in touch as there will be additional postage costs to send them to you.

So, for only £98, we will send you 1000 of any one of our card types, personalised for your school. Here are the seven card designs you have to choose from. Click each resource to find out more (they'll open in a new tab):

How does this offer work?

If you'd like any of our cards personalised and don't mind buying in bulk, you need to do two things (in any order!):

  • Fill in the preferences form below, remembering to outline the personalisation changes you'd like. Don't worry too much about getting it perfect, we will be in touch via email anyway. After submitting the form, you should be redirected back to this page;
  • Pay for the resources using the Paypal button below. This will send you to the Paypal checkout where you can securely pay for the resources. As soon as we receive payment together with the preferences form, we'll be in touch. After sorting out your preferences, we'll design a sample card for you to approve before we send it to the printers.

    Step 1: Submit this form

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    Step 2: Pay via Paypal

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