Powerful posters to encourage reluctant readers.

How can we motivate reluctant readers?

If the written word is so powerful, how can we show it?

How can we show that reading isn't just for "stereotypical readers"?

OPEN UP. ZONE OUT. READ ON is our way of addressing these questions head-on. It's a 16-page PDF made up of 13 boldly-worded posters and five printable bookmarks to hit your reluctant readers. There are plenty of posters of elephants and clowns reading out there. As ever with us, this is something different.

We were inspired by two things. Firstly, if you haven’t seen Daniel Pennac’s ‘Rights of the Reader’ (wonderfully illustrated by Quentin Blake) they are worth a look. He lists several rights that all readers should enjoy. Things like ‘the right to dip in’ struck a chord immediately with us - often we’ve got several books on the go and yet with children the expectation is often that they can’t move on until they finish the book they’re on. From this, came the idea of taking a book for a test drive.

Secondly, we wanted to come up with something powerful. Something that was a little bit different to put up in your library. Libraries are often subdued places and we wanted to come up with something that alluded to the power of the written word. The fact it can change lives. And the fact that all over the world reading has traditionally been something that people have strived to be able to do. There’s power in them there pages. Needless to say, we hope these themes and our slightly direct approach resonate with some of your most reluctant readers, which experience has taught us are often boys. Amongst other things, it will provide not-so gentle reminders that:

    - books are transformational
    - what you read makes who you are
    - freedom to read is a wonderful thing
    - you don't have to finish every book you start
    - the world's greatest leaders have often been the widest readers
    - a fantastic book beats the latest video game any day!

We hope that you get what we've tried to create and, most importantly, that it works. Looking back at them, it seems we were subconsciously channelling East End tough guys...

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OPEN UP. ZONE OUT. READ ON is an electronic resource. If you're a publisher and might be interested in seeing it in print, do get in touch.
'OPEN UP. ZONE OUT. READ ON.' is copyright Sparky Teaching 2013, with thanks to Mrs Sparky for sparking it off.