Investigating the maths around us

'Real life maths...' is our new PDF eBook of investigations and activities, designed to hook your students into maths and thinking about the maths around them. Due to be officially launched on the website on April 24th, we are currently offering it as one of our popular pre-order offers (20% off and you receive it before it is officially launched!)

Real Life Maths will :

    - hook your students into maths by using real life stimuli
    - develop problem solving and reasoning skills through the use of maths investigations
    - place the focus firmly on the skills behind solving word problems, rather than a rush to find the answer
    - answer the age-old question 'when is this going to be useful in life?!'
    - provide ideas for using real life themes in class

Pre-order your copy now and be the first to get it when it is launched!

Click the button below to pre-order now and get 20% off! As a pre-order, Real Life Maths costs £12.99 (launch price: £16.25). Nearer the launch date, we will then email you details of how to get the resource before it is officially live!

Real Life Maths is an electronic resource. If you're a publisher and might be interested in seeing it in print, do get in touch.
Real Life Maths is copyright Sparky Teaching 2017.