Many schools prefer to buy our resources as a set. The Outstanding Teaching Pack (formerly known as The Everything Pack) is a special offer designed for those who want twelve of our downloads in one go. The Pack consists of:

* These two resources will be personalised for you.
    12) Twitter for Teachers
And now including...
    A Starter Pack of Motivational Cards (x 50)

Why buy The Outstanding Teaching Pack?

    - Close attainment gaps in English and Maths using innovative and inspiring ideas
    - Achieve better outcomes without losing any of your school's creativity, character and community in the process
    - Promote a growth mindset across your school
    - Foster creative classrooms
    - Ensure children reach their true potential
    - Reinforce your core values


You can purchase The Outstanding Teaching Pack as follows:
PAY DIRECTLY:Please note that the Outstanding Teaching Pack is half price via our Popup Sale page (the popup sale ends on Saturday 11th Feb at 8pm). Go there and click the direct payment button below which will send you to a secure PayPal checkout. Once you have paid the £120, click the small link that tells you to go 'back to Sparky Teaching' You will then be redirected to a page where you will be able to download all twelve resources (separately!). Once we have processed your payment, you will also receive an e-mail from us containing a link to the download page.

PAY BY INVOICE: Click here to request an invoice. After processing your invoice, we will send you an e-mail containing a link to the download page. Please note that the cheaper price does not apply to invoiced orders.

This edition of The Outstanding Teaching Pack is copyright Sparky Teaching 2016 (individual resources have differing copyright dates).