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Game Show Maths!

Investigations and activities for sparky classes.

What chance have you got of winning The Price Is Right?

What if you played it safe on Million Pound Drop?

Why are fifty-fifty game shows a waste of everyone's time?

These questions and more are addressed in Game Show Maths! - a collection of seven investigation lessons and plenty more ideas based on game shows. It's aimed at KS2 - KS3 teachers (that's around Grades 4 - 8 in the US) who enjoy provoking curiosity and discussion in their maths lessons. It's a resource particularly popular for those looking for post SATs maths activities or fun maths investigations.

Game Show Maths! will help you to :

    - hook your class into maths
    - identify real-life examples of maths
    - promote investigational maths
    - encourage pupils to work methodically, spot patterns, make predictions and justify answers
    - demonstrate that maths can be both relevant and fun

This is a resource for anyone who realises that the current drive to push pupils further faster doesn't leave a lot of room for investigational maths. The increased pressure to get topics covered will almost certainly result in less time to consolidate and embed skills, and teachers will need to make a conscious decision to plan for more open-ended, investigative learning. If we want pupils to love maths and want to take it further, we have a responsibility to give them opportunities to play, investigate and enjoy it. Which is where Game Show Maths comes in. These sorts of activities are perfect for post SATs maths lessons in particular.

Game Show Maths! is a 30-page PDF eBook which includes the following:

    - seven investigation lesson plans
    - fourteen pages of resources to accompany them
    - three mildly-amusing posters
    - links and ideas for further development
    - teachers' notes

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