As well as creating our own resources, much of our time is spent employed in a freelance capacity, writing and designing for publishers and companies. Projects we have been involved in range from writing Primary maths resources for major publishers to designing online images for Discovery Education's Math Techbook. Digital work has included designing websites and writing content for a problem-solving app. In addition, schools often ask us to design personalised resources, something that we find particularly rewarding.

We are always on the lookout for new projects, so if you are a publisher, school, company or individual in need of some creative input, do get in touch. You can email us at, give us a call on 07549 652963 or use our contact form. We'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

We have worked for...

Some of our freelance work:

We Have a Problem!

Badger Learning, 2014

We extended our 'We Have a Problem!' resource by writing all four books in this series (Y3 to Y6).

365 Things To Make You Go 'Hmmm'

Independent Thinking, 2014

We wrote and illustrated this book based on our popular '365 Things' webpage.

Discovery - Math Techbook

Discovery Education, 2015

We were commissioned to design the images used to denote each topic within Discovery's Math Techbook.

Of Teaching, Learning and Sherbet Lemons

Independent Thinking Press, 2015

We were hired by IT Press to illustrate Nina Jackson's superb book of advice for teachers.

Maths Tutor - Problem Solving app

Daydream Education, 2015

We were employed to write problem-solving content to be used within Daydream Education's Maths Tutor app.

Mastering Maths Y1 to Y6

Rising Stars, 2016

We were employed as part of the writing team for this series addressing the mastery approach to maths.

Collins International Primary Maths

Collins Education, 2016

We were part of the writing team for this international series based on the Cambridge Primary Mathematics curriculum framework.

Hodder Cambridge Primary Maths

Hodder Education, 2017

We wrote the Stage 1 Learner Book, Workbook and Teacher Resource Pack for this international series based on the Cambridge Primary Mathematics curriculum framework.

More Problem Solving and Reasoning

Rising Stars, 2017

We were employed as part of a team, writing for each book in this series, devising investigations and activities to help embed problem solving and reasoning skills.

The Shanghai Maths Project

Collins Education, 2017

We were part of the writing team creating the Teacher Guides which help support the already-written Shanghai Maths Project Practice Books.