Think of a question... that only you know the answer to!

Think of a question ... that you don't know the answer to!

Think of a question ... that no one knows the answer to!

The presentation below is intended as a training tool or class activity.

It's all very well knowing that open-ended questions are better than closed, but how often do you give your class opportunities to ask open-ended questions just for the sake of asking questions? This is a series of question-framing prompts with no worries about what the answer to those questions are. Afterwards, check out our further questions at the bottom of the page to inform your teaching.

Watch below or download as Flash presentation (621kb) or printable PDF (934kb)



Is there a pattern to the types of questions my students ask?

How many different types of question starters do they use?

Where would their questions fit into Bloom's taxonomy? What about my own?

Are "opinion" questions more useful than "fact" questions?

How could I encourage a more natural questioning environment in class?

Is there a place for asking questions just for the sake of it?

Why all the questions?


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