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Jun 25, 2013

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UPDATE: This post was written and posted on 25.06.13. Three days later, we found out the sad news that Rita Pierson passed away today. What an impact she must have had on so many children (and teachers). What a lady.

You can keep your whizzy presentations.

The best two TED Talks we’ve seen in recent years have been from people who don’t have a screen behind them giving us some snazzy presentation of what the future will be like. These speakers are no-frills. But so, so powerful.

The first is the late Peter Benson’s unassuming, but compelling, ‘Sparks: How Youth Thrive’ which you can watch here.

The second is Rita Pierson’s talk ‘Why every child needs a champion’. If you haven’t seen it, please do — it’s a pep talk for teachers who care.

There’s a reason why both Peter Benson and Rita Pierson have inspired us to make resources (SHINE! and Messages That Matter, respectively). Both talks are about the importance of building relationships with our students — knowing them and their sparks, and teaching life’s important stuff. Particularly wonderful is this quote from Ms. Pierson…

You can download a PDF version of this quote by right-clicking here.

Our Messages That Matter resource contains what we hope are similarly sticky messages…

You see them long enough, hopefully they’ll start to be a part of your school.

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