The Fun Theory

Oct 9, 2009

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Volkswagen and DDK Stockholm’s recent Fun Theory campaign is all about showing that making things fun is the easiest way to influence people’s behaviour for the better…

Although the piano stairs are surely an accident waiting to happen (have they actually thought it through?!) and it’s all about selling environmentally-friendly cars (Volkswagen’s ‘fun’ ideas are coming soon, apparently), the Fun Theory campaign is relevant to us as teachers. Making lessons interesting and difficult topics fun goes right to the heart of what Sparky Teaching is all about… Children learn best when they’re interested.

There is an interesting question to be considered, though. How many of the extra people that used the piano stairs (a 66% increase) did so a week later? Did the ‘fun’ become boring? What if we want to motivate/influence behaviour long-term?

The Fun Theory — just an advertising gimmick or could it be a classroom solution too? How could we use it in the classroom?

Over to you…

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