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Six-Week Reads 2010

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What's a Six-Week Read?

It’s a book that we think is worth you having a look at during your six-week (or thereabouts) summer break from your classroom. Over the next few weeks we’ll be recommending some Six-Week Reads to provide a little deckchair food for thought alongside the latest celebrity memoirs and inevitable World Cup diaries (the shortest book you’ll read this August!) This summer looks like it could be a warm one – a perfect opportunity to get a bit of outdoors reading done (NB. Sparky Teaching would like to distance ourselves from any major holiday decisions you may make as a result of these forecasts).

Why have you picked these books?

As you know, we’re heavily into creativity in the classroom. From what we know of you, you seem to be too. So we’ve hand-picked some books that got us thinking about being creative, thinking about our teaching, thinking about thinking and some that just felt nice and had good covers.

The only common denominator is that we think all our Six-Week Reads are well-written.

When does it start?

We’ll be featuring reviews of our Six-Week Reads over the next few weeks — in good time for you to get a copy for your suitcase. The reviews will be in the form of blog articles (with links in our new Bookshelf page). As usual, they’ll be more than a review – more of a “how-you-can-use-this-book-in-your-classroom” article. We just think that might be more helpful to you. Let us know what you think of the books we feature.

One more thing...

Although several of these books are from the same publishers, we aren’t paid by them for plugging their wares. We just happen to like the books they publish, that’s all. We’d like you to trust a Sparky Teaching book recommendation and so we will always remain commercially independent. There’s nothing worse than reading (or listening to) a review that is nothing more than an advert for the product.

We are, however, part of the Amazon Associates scheme, which means we receive a nominal percentage of any purchases made from Amazon via our website. If you want to buy the book and support what we do at the same time, please click one of the links to ‘VIEW AT AMAZON’ on our Bookshelf.


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  1. Looking forward to your recommendations!

    6:22 pm on July 8th, 2010

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