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Schools axe bullying jobs


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Bullies took to the streets yesterday to protest at the increasing teaching of assertiveness. Thousands of bullying jobs are now being lost in classrooms up and down the country.

Image of bullies protesting.

Spokesperson for the bullies, Biff Tannen expressed his frustration at recent events: “Obviously we’re all disappointed to be out of work, but it’s been especially hard to deal with because it’s been due to our peers getting wise to our methods… Anyway, what’re you lookin’ at? Make like a tree and get out of here!”

The main demonstration was supported by a crowd of newly-jobless bullies, including Bluto, Nelson Munz and Lucy from Peanuts, angry at the positive attitudes and self-confidence that pupils are now displaying in schools, putting them out of work. Many have resorted to placing newspaper advertisements looking for new employment.

Is bullying yesterday’s news in your school?

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PS. An interesting aside to discuss with your class… When I was looking for fictional bullies from contemporary culture to use on the image, the vast majority were male. Get your class thinking — does this mean girls don’t bully? Do more boys bully than girls? Is the fictional bully (bigger, stronger, crueller) an accurate respresentation of bullies today? Or has the fact that bullies can now hide behind computer screens changed things?

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