• May 282014

One Little Word

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Sometimes having a growth mindset is just about using one little word. It can convert a negative short sentence into a much more positive, albeit slightly longer, one…

Having tweeted the above image today, we’ve made a printable version you’re welcome to use in class. If you find it useful or get any mileage from it, we’d love to know…

You can download it by right-clicking OneLittleWord.pdf

You may also be interested in a new resource we’re developing to encourage a growth mindset — Plugin. You can find out more here.




You’ll appreciate our free video to keep your students motivated until the end of the year — Finish Strong

If our ethos chimes with you, do take a look at our resources — either separately or as part of our Everything Pack (if you’re a sparky US educator, you’ll prefer the US version). They’re used by primary/elementary and secondary/high schools worldwide to show students, parents and visitors just what matters in your classroom or school.

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