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Classroom posters : Caution! Minds at work


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What does a street artist in New York and the need to motivate your class have in common?

Our ‘Caution! Minds at work’ poster resources, that’s what…

The inspiration for this latest set of resources came from hearing about a street artist in New York (called ‘True’) who tried to brighten up the otherwise dull journeys of commuters on the subways by producing Health and Safety stickers with alternative, positive messages on.

These stickers mimicked the style of the official notices which were displayed on the trains, telling travellers what to do and what not to do. The twist was that True’s stickers showed optimistic messages… Where there was once ‘Mind The Gap’, he stuck his ‘Rules of Life’ labels encouraging commuters to not hold grudges and smile more!

The project worked well because the design of Health and Safety signs is so recognisable, people hardly took a second look. (When was the last time you stopped to read a ‘Keep door shut’ sign?) But those commuters that glanced upwards did a double-take, noticed that the message they were seeing was out of the ordinary… And smiled.

So, as an unique way to present those motivational messages that we want our classrooms to promote, here is our latest resource — “Caution! Minds at work”.

Featuring motivational messages such as ‘Learning is a team sport’, ‘Aim high’ and ‘Positive attitudes must be shown at all times’, these are printable classroom posters with a difference. The downloadable eBook is made up of 25 posters for you to use how you wish and we are giving a free printable sample to whet your appetite.

NB. Whilst we like the design idea, Sparky Teaching does not endorse the street artist’s illegal actions of sticking the posters on top of existing ones.

Not the brightest of ideas…

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  1. A Super Fantastic Idea and Thanks a Million for the Free Samples.
    I feel INSPIRED myself and know that my students will be more motivated in my classroom.

    A Maths Monster
    Inayet Khan

    Inayet Khan
    1:20 am on October 27th, 2009

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