Lionel Rich Tea and Biscuit Based Learning

Aug 8, 2014

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On a couple of occasions when we used to teach the phases of the Moon to Year 5, we took inspiration from* the classic Jaffa Cake advert…

*when we say “took inspiration from” we actually mean “acted out, word for word“

Needless to say, as children of a different decade, the Year 5s would tend to look at us blankly whilst we soldiered on, spraying them with orangey crumbs… “Wham vo you meav you havem’t seem vhe amvert?”

Yesterday we were pleased to see that we’re not alone. @MarkZiebarth, a teacher in the U.S, tweeted the following photo:

You say Oreo, we say Jaffa Cake, Mr Ziebarth…

And so, as biscuit-based learning is clearly undergoing a revival, we felt that we wanted to lead the way and give you some ideas to chew over and digestive. A rolling scone gathers no moss and all that…

Firstly, a better view of Oreo Science (via Rachel McAllister’s Pinterest):

Staying with Science, here’s some biscuity cell biology (via @BIO_FLUFF):

Cheez-It area and perimeter, anyone? (via E is for Explore):

Do the holes in this biscuit make it more or less calorific? (a superb question on surface area and volume via @CyclinScience):

Addition and subtraction of fractions via Saman Husain on Pinterest):

And finally, time for an Art lesson (seen via Lost at E Minor):

This is a crucially important area of pedagogy and it’s vital that we research biscuits as much as possible. Ed Camp Biscuit and the BiscuitEd Conference are but one small crumb away.

There are already factions breaking out on Twitter between the traditionalists and the more modern biscuiteers. Should biscuits sit in rows or be grouped on a plate? Is this deemed as fun? We don’t want that.

If you’ve got any ideas or examples of how to use the humble biscuit in class, add your comments below or tweet us using the hashtag #BiscuitBasedLearning. We’ll add them in!

Sorry, Lionel Richie’s got nothing to do with it, except to provide a couple of wondrous puns. Hello? Is it tea you’re looking for?

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