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If you liked Dave Eggers’ Pirate Supply Store, you’ll love the concept behind the Ministry of Stories. Nick Hornby is behind the project and the linked Hoxton Monster Supplies store. Not sure how it could be used by schools not in the vicinity, but you’ve got to love the concept.

Ever wondered what George Lucas got up to after Star Wars? Edutopia is a website run by the George Lucas Educational Foundation with the aim of promoting innovation in schools. There are plenty of interesting articles, resources and a weekly e-mail newsletter we subscribe to and heartily recommend. Good stuff.

Google’s bid to conquer the online world continues with the fascinating Google Art Project, a chance to wander round some of the world’s best art galleries online. Features of this tool are the abilities to zoom, view more details and, particularly cleverly, to save your own collection of works of art. Art lessons will never be the same.

We’ve recently done some work in conjunction with Gwen Christie, the author of ‘Bakari and the Balloonana’. The resulting free 22-page thinking skills pack is available on this page at the TES website or on the official Bakari site. The resources are linked to the UN’s Year of the Forest (2011, don’t you know?!). You don’t have to have read the book to make use of the resources — but, should you want to, it’s available at a very reasonable price here.

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