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Nov 10, 2010

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Your monthly hand-picked menu of brain fodder...

Education Eye is a collection of hundreds of exciting and innovative educational websites, blogs and resources — updated daily. Our Sites for sore eyes free sample was rated as a ‘Futurelab favourite’ on here, so we’re big fans! Check out our Education Eye widget in the left-hand column of Sparky Teaching website pages too. Needs a good browse.

Animoto for Education allows you make your own videos and slideshows for use in class and download them with a free Educators account. Animoto is one of the web tools featured in our guide to sparking up your lessons, Sites for sore eyes. To see what Animoto can do, take a look here.

Use Answer Garden to set open-ended questions for your students to answer on your blog, class webpage or via the Answer Garden site. Useful as a brainstorming tool (e.g. give your class a spelling rule and create an Answer Garden to brainstorm as many words as they can come up with), to gather feedback (e.g. gather answers from pupils prior to a data-handling Maths lesson) or to develop a sense of class community (e.g. everyone contributes a positive adjective to describe the class or a pupil).

Save the Words takes words long-gone from common circulation and offers them up for adoption in a bid to save them from extinction. A great idea and a brilliant homepage where each word cries out to be adopted. Adopt a word as a class and see if you can single-handedly keep it going!

Wordia is a site where users (including many celebrities) have uploaded videos defining a word. An interesting way to explore word meanings. Contains a section specifically for educators to use with their class, exploring topic key words via the Wordia Word Banks.

Worldometers takes a simple idea and makes it riveting. If we described it as realtime world statistics, it would sound mind-numbingly dull. It isn’t.

And some articles to inspire...

Why Did We Become Teachers? : excellent excellent stuff. Print this article out and put it on your staffroom noticeboard.

Transformative or just flashy educational tools? : are we using educational tools for the purpose they were intended?

Teaching that Sticks : sign up with your e-mail to get a free PDF explaining how teachers can make ideas stick. Right-click here to download.


NB. These are all external sites so, although we never knowingly recommend something unsuitable for classroom use, we don’t take responsibility for any life-changing events that may occur as a result of clicking that mouse button…

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