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(Extremely) Short Stories


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Can you write a story in 10 words?

First there was the text message where you had to say all you wanted to in 160 characters…

After that came Twitter, where you could only tell the world what you were doing with a measly 140 characters…

And now comes the ultimate challenge… Sparky Teaching’s Extremely Short Stories where we ask you to tell your tale using ten words (or less, if you think you’re up to it!) We’ll display all entries on our fantastic ten word story wall.

The rules...

1. The longest your story can be is ten words.

2. Either come up with your own story or try and condense one of your favourite stories into ten words!

3. If you find your story is too long, try getting rid of some of the less-important words… Remember, it still has to make sense, though!

4. To submit your story, use the comments box below. Please remember to include the title if you have chosen to shrink a real story (just in case we don’t recognise it!)

5. Visit our ten word story wall to see your amazing ten word story displayed for the world to enjoy! You never know, a major publisher might see it and want to print it in tiny book form!

Some examples...

So, what are you waiting for? Fill in the comment form below with your story… We look forward to seeing your efforts!

Teachers: to download a printable worksheet, right-click here and save.

Our ten word story wall is now open!

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So, what do you think?

  1. Humanity is extinct, Innocence is lost, The Aliens won

    Himanshu Gaurav
    10:14 am on September 13th, 2011
    1. Superman swooped down and saved the world from nuklear bombs

      5:15 pm on March 14th, 2013
      1. Opened Learning Center,
        Spending life helping kids,
        LOVING IT!

        Kimberly Tice
        12:45 pm on September 21st, 2013
        1. Curious girl opens box. All hell breaks loose. Some hope!

          Pandoras Box

          Simon Fisher
          2:28 pm on October 12th, 2013
          1. walks along then missed bus. “thats unfortinute

            3:36 am on October 30th, 2013
            1. Golden haired girl accused of vandalising bears home and belongings

              9:45 am on February 3rd, 2014
              1. Small boy stood still ran away police grab him quick

                9:46 am on February 3rd, 2014
                1. Poor boy work house took in by fagin bill nancy

                  9:47 am on February 3rd, 2014
                  1. Orphan sent and ran away found by man got kidnapped

                    9:47 am on February 3rd, 2014
                    1. Little boy poor worked on the treadmill he had a bad life

                      9:48 am on February 3rd, 2014
                      1. Small boy ran away from old man bumped in door.

                        9:49 am on February 3rd, 2014
                        1. A small boy saves a mudlark from getting run over.

                          9:50 am on February 3rd, 2014
                          1. Orphan boy sold ran away kidnapped finds aunt gets inheritance.

                            9:52 am on February 3rd, 2014
                            1. A kryptonite hero and saves the world

                              6:30 am on February 27th, 2014
                              1. He has the power of lightning flying around saying Shazam

                                1:27 am on March 13th, 2014
                                1. He builds he craft he survives day and night.

                                  1:31 am on March 13th, 2014
                                  1. A slave to her mother, now a beautiful disney princess.

                                    5:28 am on June 18th, 2014

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