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UPDATE: Further to our excited post below (and similar articles posted on popular design blogs yesterday), it seems that Adobe’s Great CS2 Giveaway is more of a technical loophole than an act of New Year generosity. It certainly had the design community fooled for much of yesterday.

After hundreds of legitimate commentators suggesting otherwise, here’s Adobe’s wonderfully vague response:

It remains to be seen what Adobe will do about the situation they’ve engineered for themselves. Yesterday, they were being praised for some great customer service and for inspiring designers of the future. Releasing an out-of-date program could have built customer loyalty and encouraged new users to upgrade to bought versions.

Adobe may still decide to tap into the positive feedback that they had yesterday and sanction the use of CS2. Until then, it is best to steer clear of this loophole and, while the original article remains below, we’ll be deleting the links. If Adobe ever decide to take advantage of the situation, we’ll re-post them.

It’s a shame for creative teachers, but watch this space…

In what seems to be an outstanding piece of customer service today, Adobe released various programs from their Creative Suite 2 (ten years’ old, but still gold). This is free and legitimate and without a catch (although you do need to sign up to an Adobe account). The reason behind this “gesture” is that instead of keeping the activation servers running to support legitimate installs of CS2, it’s decided it’s easier to just give it away.

What does this mean for you? Three words. Photoshop for free. (Oh, and Illustrator, Premier Pro, Acrobat Pro, InDesign, InCopy…) OK, they’re not the latest versions, but they’re still top-notch, quality programs.

Why we’re excited: We’ve used various Adobe programs in our illustration and design work and long enjoyed the creative possibilities they offer. The fact that an old computer in the back of a classroom can now have a copy of Photoshop CS2 or teacher can now design posters using InDesign is so exiting and opens many possibilities. No more GIMP for a start! Your school may already have copies of later versions of Adobe Creative Suite software, but it’s still worth checking out for yourself. In one move, Adobe have opened up design to the masses and deserve credit for that.

As the software is ten years’ old, it requires slight adjustments… Apparently CS2 won’t work on later Mac OS versions — Snow Leopard or earlier as it is PPC code. A helpful link showing how to get it to run on Windows 7 64-bit is here.

The download link direct from Adobe is here, but as you can imagine it is currently getting a battering.

There are various blogs posting direct download links, but here are some of the highlights:

PHOTOSHOP CS2 (image editing software)

INDESIGN CS2 (desktop publishing)

ILLUSTRATOR CS2 (vector-based illustrations)

ACROBAT PRO 8.0 (create and edit PDFs… Yes, that’s edit PDFS!)

Other programs available are Adobe Audition (recording software / audio production), GoLive CS2 (a WYSIWYG HTML editor), InCopy CS2 (professional word processing) and Premiere Pro 2.0 for Windows (video editing).

If you’re interested in some of these other programs and Adobe’s link remains down, try here or here.

For the general public, this gesture seems too good to be true and is obviously a popular one. It’s a surprising move by Adobe, but one that should create many fans of their products and, in the long run, will build customer loyalty.

For the creatively-minded teacher, you can multiply that ten-fold. Unleashing the Creative Suite 2 programs on teachers and their sparky pupils means the possibilities are endless.

Let classroom creativity commence.


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