A Results Day Message

Aug 13, 2014

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Please use the video below to encourage your students on Results Day and beyond. Feel free to show it in your schools. You can download an MP4 version here: ResultsDay.mp4.

We saw a tweet last year that said something along the lines of “whether you’ve got straight As or failed the lot, don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t matter. It does.” At first, a seemingly demoralising statement to make amongst all the encouragements on A Level Results Day.

The tweeter went on to say the reason why Results Day matters so much. It’s how students respond that counts. For those who can’t go down their preferred career path, it can be soul-destroying. But whether they are bowed by failure or show resilience is the bit that matters. Implicit in the tweets by Jamie Oliver and Richard Branson saying things like “it’s not the end of the world — I was hopeless at school” is the unsaid “and look at me now!” In other words, where they are now is a direct result of how they responded to not achieving academically. It seems to be what they went on to do — their attitude to the future and how they showed resilience — that had the most effect on their later success. The same, perhaps, applies to the straight As student too — it’s what they go on to do with their achievements that counts most. Responses matter.

That initial tweet stayed with us a year (it gets a mention in our new book too). Here’s the result of mulling it over (your comments are, as ever, welcomed):

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