Who we are
We want to help teachers create classrooms where ordinary things are thought about in less than ordinary ways. Our goal is to ignite creative thought in teachers and pupils by providing creative teaching resources.

sparkyteaching.com was launched online in 2009. Our background is in primary teaching and speech & language therapy. We are fully CRB-checked (please ask to see a copy of our current CRB certificate).

Particular curricular areas of interest to us are literacy, investigational maths, e-safety and art. But most of all, we want to help develop thinking skills (giving children the skills to think in deeper ways, whatever the subject), character-building and helping them to find the positives in learning difficulties they may have. The 'What we think' page should give you more of an idea of the things that we believe to be important.

Based in South Wales, we are currently concentrating on producing motivational and thinking skills resources for classroom use. We hope you appreciate what we do - we like to think we're a little bit different.

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